ElanceTrainers.com is the vision of a group of trainers who believe there is a better way for Instructors and Training Centers to work together. The current system of training brokers simply benefits the broker at the expense of Instructors, Training Centers, and ultimately, the Training Industry. Most Brokers charge anywhere from $100 to $250 per day to book a trainer. These extra fees cost Instructors and Training Centers thousands of dollars a year. In many cases, classes don't run because of the enrollment required just to cover these costs. Elancetrainers.com offers everything traditional brokers offer and more. For Trainers, there is a comprehensive profile system which includes:

Extensive Profiles
Evaluation Submission
Resumes and Letters of Reference
Online Calendar for each Instructor
Quality Feedback
Online Travel Booking through American Express

For Training Centers, ElanceTrainers.com offers a simple interface for finding Qualified Instructors for classes. Simply choose the class, time frame, and geographic location and Elancetrainers.com will provide a list of available qualified trainers. This list will include access to the instructors' Rates, Profile, Resume, Evaluations, and most important, Feedback from other Training Centers. The selection process is fast and simple, and because ElanceTrainers.com keeps a Free/Busy schedule for every trainer, the selected trainers are available.






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