ElanceTrainers.com's goal is to offer content that directly addresses the needs of Independent Trainers. The following features are already in progress and we will be looking for input from trainers directly.

Extensive Profiles

ElanceTrainers.com already offers a simple and easy to use document management feature for advertising a trainer's skill set. We plan to update this with multimedia, allowing trainers to feature a short video showcasing them in the classroom.

Health Care and Billing Services

Elancetrainers.com has already begun negotiations with several companies which help independent contractors do business by providing invoicing, payroll, tax, and healthcare service. Several of these companies have already agreed to substantial discounts for our membership; discounts that will be directly passed on to our members without markup. We are currently looking at the benefit of outsourcing this to an existing company or doing it directly through ElnaceTrainers.com. The tax benefits of these types of programs provide for substantial savings.

Legal Support

As independent contractors, sometime companies put us last on their list of accounts payable; thinking that we will be ill equipped to begin proceedings. We are currently talking to several law firms which belong to nationwide networks. We will be looking to offer standardized services, such as written correspondence from a law firm, at lower, fixed costs.

A Trainer Association and Trainer Participation

Our major goal is to make this website valuable to independent trainers, because that's what we are. However, we are going to need your input to determine our focus in the future. Everything about ElanceTrainers.com should be based on trainer input, and in the coming weeks we are going to be looking for your comments to set our direction in the future. We are looking at featuring a trainer council, a group of trainers from around the country, that will help to decide the direction of ElanceTrainers.com. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let us know suggestions@elancetrainers.com







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